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2010 HVAC Review & Outlook REPORT -- you asked for it!

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Sep 30, 2010

HVAC Outlook ReportThanks for the many emails I received from those who read my HVAC Growth Predicted post from September 10th.  I just weighed in with my two cents on the review written by ACHR News & Legislative editor, Kimberly Schwartz.  Gotta admit, I love it when something I've done, said, written prompts response.  Especially when you want MORE.

Let me warn you, this is a lllooonnggg report filled with data, pie charts, bar graphs and statistical analysis.  A one-hundred-forty-eight -- that's 148 -- page report.  The detail-minded researchers at J.P. Morgan sliced and diced the HVAC market in just about every way imaginable.  They mention:

  • geographical regions
  • major manufacturers
  • distribution channels
  • equipment classes
  • efficiency ratings
  • temperature trends

Still no mention of portable air conditioners or spot cooler applications.  We're such a small piece of the pie, our numbers probably don't even figure into the equation.  Fact is, spot cooler rentals are a huge part of our business and our numbers are looking good so far this year!

Personally, I feel like Swartz "took one for the team" by writing her 4 page review of the 148 page report.  But sometimes, the snack makes you want the full course meal... 

Now I know some of you are just clammoring to get your hands on the document!  So here it is.  The actual 2010 HVAC Review & Outlook REPORT developed by the smart folks at J.P. Morgan. 

HVAC Outlook Report

Bon Appetit!  Enjoy.  Comment and let me know what you are experiencing in the industry.

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