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Air Conditioners for Server Needed Year Round

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Feb 10, 2011

Air Conditioners for Server

I love the seasons.  Here in Virginia, we have four distinct seasonal changes.  With each season, the change in weather dictates everything we do -- our activities, clothes, even moods. 

We've had our "big" snowstorm for the winter, complete with the cherished and adored "snow day" -- when the kids are home from school so I get to stay home as well.  Only difference is I still work....on things like this blog post!  I do get to work in my jammies and slippers, so no complaints here!  Loving winter but I'll soon be ready for spring.  Not the allergies, just the nice weather.

One thing that NEVER changes --  air conditioners for server rooms -- we need them all year long... 365 x 24 x 7.  In small server rooms, you can often get by with the building's central air, as long as it operates 24 hours a day.  If central cooling is cut back after hours and on weekends, you may need a portable air conditioner or spot cooler to get by during those hours.

We'd all like to have the time and budget to plan the perfect environment for our computer equipment.  Unfortunately, the server equipment is often put in a room that's too big to be a closet but too small to be an office.  Usually that also means poor ventilation!  There are some things you can do to plan for a functional server room.  Check our blog post on server room best practices for a quick guide with some easy to implement solutions.

You can buy or rent portable air conditioners to provide temporary, supplemental or emergency cooling for your server room.  Not sure what you need?  Just download Rick Freeman's article on server room design best practices.  Comment here and add your own tips for server room design.


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