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Google's Innovative, Money-Saving Data Center Cooling [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Nov 1, 2012

Google-logoGoogle is in a class all by themselves as far as data center cooling and effieciency are concerned.  They are so beyond the industry standard that they don't even set it. Most companies can't hope to attain the levels of efficiency of Google.

The way I see it, Google is competing with, well, themselves!  Especially when it comes to achieving data center cooling efficiency.  They don't replicate the cooling methodology from one center to the next.  They create a new cooling methodology that adapts to the climate and resources of the surrounding environment.  Just take a look at how Google cools their data center in Finland with seawater, fresh air in Belgium and recycled water in Douglas County, GA.  Now that's cool!

Here's an infographic we created to highlight some of Google's innovative methods and cost saving measures in their data centers around the world.


Best of all -- I love that Google saved $1,000,000,000 just by raising the temperature on the server room floor!  Heck, most small and medium data centers don't have the resources to deploy seawater or recycled water cooling systems but changing the thermostat?  Yup, even we can do that in our server closet!

We'd love to be able to help when Google has a data center cooling emergency, but I'm sure they have a plan for that!  But for the majority of the small and mid-size data centers, emergency spot coolers can save the day and your data!  Download our 10 point emergency spot cooling check list to make sure you're ready for a cooling emergency.

10 Point Emergency Spot Cooling Checklist

Stay cool.  We're a click or call away and we're here to help.

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