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Heating for Hospitals

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Nov 9, 2022
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In 2021, 36.2 million people were admitted to United States hospitals. In a place where health, safety, and comfort are of utmost importance, heating emergencies cannot be ignored or dealt with in a slow manner in any healthcare facility. Hospitals are often large, complex buildings making facility management a full time, round-the-clock operation. Backup sources of heating are essential when health and safety of both patients and medical professionals are on the line. Hospital facility managers need to be able to minimize downtime with an emergency heating plan.

We can help.

When it comes to heating hospitals and healthcare facilities like nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and clinics, downtime isn't the only worry when the heating goes out. A heating system that isn't functioning properly could lead to:

  • A decline in patient health
  • Costly delays for surgical procedures
  • Emergencies must be rerouted, causing delays at other facilities
  • Employee health and safety are an issue
  • Older patients are often susceptible to feeling colder

How Warm is too Warm?

An appropriate emergency heating solution is essential as health care facilities shouldn't be too warm. There's a reason most people report feeling chilly in hospitals. It's to keep bacteria at bay. Cooler temperatures and lower humidity keep bacteria growth at a minimum which is essential for sterile environments. While there are no official rules for hospital temperatures, the general guideline is between 68°F and 75°F with humidity ranging from 20% to 60%.

Maintaining a healthy environment is a balancing act that we know can be hard to navigate when you have so many building systems to manage. Let us help you put a plan in place so you don't lose any time if a heating emergency arises this winter. We have heating solutions for complex, busy areas like emergency waiting rooms as well as small spaces like administrative offices and . Stay warm, friends!

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