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Heat Things Up with a Valentine's Date at Home

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Feb 10, 2021
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Most cities and states in the US are still practicing social distance and mask mandates to slow the spread of the Coronavirus which means getting a table at a restaurant for Valentine's Day might be near impossible with the reduced seating. But we've got you! Here's some ways you can make Valentine's Day special at home with your boo...and yes, they are more thoughtful than Netflix and chill.

1. Learn how to make your significant other's favorite cocktail.whiskey-sour-720x720-primary-v2-4fc831b613964da5a19cdbfda917d7df

Look up some recipes and how-to videos, head to the store to get what you need, and learn how to make a fancy drink or two. It's interactive, thoughtful, and it involves alcohol, win-win! If you're significant other is more of a wine, beer, or straight spirit person, create a small tasting at home and try your hand at describing each one.

2. Get takeout from your favorite restaurant...or try something new!

All the fun of going out to eat except you don't have to wear pants. Or you can dress up like you are going out, whatever you prefer. This is a great way to support your favorite restaurant even if you can't get a table or are worried about dining in public.

3. Learn a dance.

Nothing brings people together more than learning something new, together! If you want to have some laughs, try a TikTok dance. If you want to learn some basic ballroom dance steps (like salsa, foxtrot, or swing), try YouTube.

4. Bake something sweet.

There's two ways you could approach this one. Either surprise your significant other with a fresh baked item or bake something together. Bonus points if it's heart-shaped! Not much of a cook? Check out this article on how to make that box cake mix taste like it's from scratch.

5. Draw portraits of each other.

This one only requires a writing utensil and some plain paper. Who knows, you could end up finding a hidden artistic talent...or maybe just laughing at both of your attempts.

We hope you have a fun, relaxing, Valentine's Day and that these ideas heat things up. Now, who's ready for the after-Valentine's Day candy sale...?!


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