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Scary Story: I don't have an HVAC Emergency Plan!

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Oct 28, 2020
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It was a dark and stormy night…and your building’s power goes out!

Climate control is something we all take for granted until it's no longer there. The most common cause of declared disaster is power failures, as Forrester Research analyst Rachel Dines reported in a survey for Disaster Recovery JournalWhether your climate control needs are human based (keeping all your employees comfortable), or you have expensive, critical equipment to keep cool like computers for instance; if something goes wrong you have to act fast. But, fast doesn't mean without a plan. If your systems go down and you need to come up with an emergency air conditioner rental that must absolutely do the job, then you need to deal with a vendor who truly knows air conditioning and understands that time is of the essence.IBM Office

The first reaction is to seek out a general rental agency. And, while those places are great in a pinch - there is no pinch when it comes to climate control. Renting from a general renter means you run the risk of getting equipment that might not only be older and not as well serviced as it should be - it could also be completely the wrong size and capacity for what you need. Especially now, health is important, and you want your rental equipment to be clean and well serviced. Even worse than being in an emergency air conditioning situation is having your rental unit not be able to handle the job. If the unit isn't perfect for the job you're going to run into more hassle than you deserve. 

This is no time for experimentation or mediocrity. You don't want to be running back and forth trading out air conditioning units until you find the right one. And, you can just about guarantee that you'll waste some money doing it. What you need to do is contact someone who is in the climate control business and only the climate control business. That way you can talk to a professional about your specific needs and they can recommend the most appropriate unit for your particular job. "Power failure prevention systems are not 'one size fits all' units," warns Steven Vaughan-Nichols of Vaughan-Nichols & Associates.

When an air conditioning emergency arises there's no need to panic when you know you can contact an expert and have your facility back up and running smoothly and comfortably as quickly as possible. And, while you're at it, you can also look into longer term solutions so that when you do end up with an air conditioning deficiency you can solve it on your own either with additional installed or portable units which you can buy or rent either short or long term. Downtime in any business is no good and the sooner you solve the problem the better for everyone. 

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To find out more about renting portable emergency air conditioning units, or how to solve any of your cooling issues, please contact us and we'll be happy to analyze your situation and offer solutions that make sense for your facility and won't break the bank while doing it. 

If you would like to discuss a plan for when an emergency does happen (look at you, so proactive!), we're here to help put that plan in place so you won't waste any time when disaster strikes.

Don't get spooked by an emergency, be prepared with AirPac! Happy Halloween!

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