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Best Electric Heater Rental Companies in VA, MD, DC - (Reviews/Ratings)

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Dec 18, 2012

Best-Electric-Heater-Rental-CompaniesAs soon as the seasons turn colder, the electric heater rental calls start coming in!  We get calls for all kinds of applications -- everything from heating for a home to construction site heaters and even special events.  Our priority is taking care of the customer and we know we're not always going to have inventory or the best rental heater for the project.  So here is a list of companies that rent electric heaters in the VA, MD, and DC area.

  1. Sunbelt Rentals  -- A national chain with lots of locations in the tri-state area, they rent electric heaters from 2 - 150KW. They do a lot of work with the construction industry and target industrial and corporate work.
  2. TOPP Rentals -- Well, you'll find TOPP where you find Sunbelt since Sunbelt bought TOPP Rentals for their portable temperature control business.  So ditto what was written above.  Not sure how the acquisition has changed their business; only time will tell.
  3. Carrier Rentals -- Another national chain that also focuses on construction, industrial and commercial sectors, Carrier Rental Systems has electric heaters ranging from 15KW to 360KW. 
  4. Spot Coolers -- Carrier Rental Services bought Spot Coolers for their portable temperature control business.  You can also rent portable heat pumps from these folks.
  5. Aggreko -- There's a pattern here, another national chain for your electric heater rental needs!  They have units from 171,000 to 3.8 million Btu/hr and focus on the special event industry and the industrial sectors.

There you have it.  Five companies to consider when you need to rent electric heaters.  Regardless of the company you choose, make sure they offer the heater that's best for your application, not just what they have left in inventory!  Insist on heaters that are clean and maintained.  And if your job is over a long weekend or in a remote area, try asking that they leave a spare heater in the event there is an issue with one of the units.

Get a quote today from AirPac for rental heaters on your next construction project, for your special event or scheduled maintenance on your heating systems.

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