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2 Surefire Tips to Determine Which Rental Heater You Should Use

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Jan 29, 2013

Tips-to-determine-which-rental-heater-to-useEver come to the office and you find the temperature is barley warmer than outside?  Or get the call that the fire marshall is coming by to inspect the vacant warehouse that isn't being heated but has a sprinkler system that you don't want to freeze? 

Panic sets in when the cold snap hits and you find yourself needing to rent heaters.  We know what it's like because we hear the stress in the voices on the other end of the phone. 

With the variety of heaters available, it can be overwhelming when you call a rental company.  Take a few minutes and read this short post about the types of portable heaters for rent.  Of course, the first thing you'll be asked when you call is, "How many BTUs do you need?"  Translation for non-HVAC folks:  "How much heat do you need?" 

I'm here to tell you it doesn't matter how much heat you need!

There are two things you will need to determine before you go any further. 

  1. Will the heater be inside or outside?
    You have much more flexibility if the heater will be outside because you'll have to worry less with ventilation and harmful fumes from some of the fuel-burning heaters such as direct-fired and indirect-fired heaters.  Electric heaters can often be used for both outdoor and indoor applications where there is little ventilation and the space is confined.
  2. What kind and how much power is available?
    The available power is often the limiting factor for the type of heater that can be rented and the quantity.  Is the power available "house" power or will you be using a generator?  You'll need to look at the voltage of the power available and the number of circuits, or the size of the generator, to figure out how many heaters can be rented. 

If you're in the VA, DC, MD area, here's a list of the best heater rental companies in the area.  Any of these companies will gladly help solve your rental heater problems.  But don't get bogged down in the details.  REMEMBER:  nothing else will matter until you figure out where the heater will be located and what kind of power is available.

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